I die for handbags!

No matter how many collections I already have, I spend too much in my handbags. Yet, no one should overlook the fact that women make great use of handbags. After all, except for jeans, we don’t have enough pockets in our outfits like boys do. So, how we’re going to hold our stuff. For example, when we’re wearing a skirt or a dress where we’re going to keep our things. We have plenty to bring, including lipstick.

Here’s what I found after years of owning and disposing of bags. Your everyday bag will depend on the following, so that you can choose a great daily use handbag and help you go anywhere you want to go.

1. Your budget
It stands to reason that I should put the price as the last consideration, but nowadays different from the past, we are all more sensitive to the price now, and we are stretching dollar with some ways to save during this time.
There is a new word – Coronavirus Pandemic, according to a recent study by the National Endowment for Financial Education. Nearly half (48%) of people say they’re concerned about paying their bills (28% for both housing and utility payments).

If you’re concerned about the state of your finances right now, then you’re not alone. The coronavirus pandemic has caused almost 9 out of 10 Americans to feel anxious about money.


2. Your desirable size
You have to really think about how large a bag you need, and if it really suits you. If you are small or petite, your personality may be blurred by carrying such a large handbag. Here’s another tip: the section where the bottom of your bag is highlighted; so if you have tiny buttocks, make a mark at the top of your thigh. When this is not the case otherwise the stopping point is the waistline.


3. Your lifestyle
Do you go to school? To work? Generally speaking, if you are a student, maybe you are suitable for a backpack or a canvas bag, if you work at a corporate office, you will need to tailor your bag choice to your professional outfit, what’s more, you probably need to invest in a sturdy bag that would hold both your laptop, paper work and personal items.


4. Your material preference
Handbags should be durable. We should notice the materials of the bags are made of. Do you want toughly formed bags? Packs of leather or slouchy bags? Consider what it would be like if you are going to wear it every day.

Your handbags should be a thing of beauty and a source of joy for you. Find the right handbag for you. Any strap length, small or big, leather or denim, solid or printed colors, trend-setting or traditional, there’s always at least one great designer brand and bag style out there for everyone.

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