Looking for new ways to plan an effective trade show event?  Being more creative will help your business stand out from the competition – and eventually generate leads for your business.

There’s no doubt that giveaways are probably the number one thing visitors look forward to receiving when stopping by different booths. But what if we told you there are other ways to use promotional products besides the traditional handouts?

Here are five ideas for planning your next promo event.

Spin and win

Setting up a game show wheel will not only entertain prospects, but also attract the masses to your booth. Get creative by offering a variety of prizes, from promotional pens and bags to jackets and briefcases.

Pick a number

How to use promotional products at trade shows

Another great strategy for drawing people to your booth is to offer a fishbowl raffle. It’ll give them something fun and interactive to do while showcasing your promotional swag.

Fill out a questionnaire

Surveys are an excellent way to gather information from visitors for future correspondence. So why not take this opportunity to offer them a chance to win prizes by filling out a survey? Plus, it helps show them that you value their opinion.

Set up a charging station

Charging station at trade shows

Now, this might sound out of the ordinary, but recently mobile/smartphone charging stations have started to appear at trade show booths. Some attendees might leave the trade show without a giveaway, but they”ll definitely stop by to use your promotional products (such as charging cables, phone stands, stylus pens etc.) to charge their smartphones or devices. This is great for brand awareness and creating a positive perception of your business.

Use social media

Social media contest at trade show

Engage your fans and followers on social media to bring in new customers. Organize contests where people are asked to share and comment on a post in order to win a promotional product. Create a unique hashtag for your event to easily pick winners and get your business seen.

Brief description of branding techniques:

Pad printing: is a printing technique suitable for almost all backgrounds and shapes. The design is first applied to a metal printing plate by means of a photographic process. The design is then transferred onto the article by a pad (a rubber intermediary). A variety of shapes can be printed by means of variously shaped pads.  For most articles it is possible to print in one or more colors. Most of the articles shown in the catalogue that are made from synthetic materials are printed using the pad printing method. Ceramic items printed in pad printing are not baked at high temperatures. The adhesion of ink on ceramic items cannot be fully guaranteed for dishwashing at high temperatures. If a full guarantee of ink adhesion is needed we recommend the use of screen transfers for ceramic materials.

Pad printing


Silkscreen printing: is a technique where the design is applied to the gauze of a screen, which has a light sensitive upper layer. A film of the design, with some areas that allow light to pass through and others that do not, is placed on the gauze, which is then illuminated with ultraviolet light. The unlit areas are rinsed off the gauze so that the ink can pass through. The article to be printed is placed immediately under the gauze, the printing ink is pressed through the gauze, and so the print is transferred to the article. Only flat surfaces can by printed using the silkscreen technique. For most articles it is possible to print in one or in multiple colors. In particular textiles and nylon products such as T-shirts, shopping bags, umbrellas and bags are printed using silkscreen technique.

Silkscreen printing


Round screen printing: to decorate pens with a bigger logo we can print the pens round in screen print. For more information, you can ask your contact person.

Round screen printing


Screen printed transfer: the logo is printed in screen on a paper so called transfer. The transfer is cut into the size of the logo and then via heat press applied to the article. It is mostly used for textile and umbrellas. Some of our articles that can be screen printed in one color, have to be printed via transfers when a multi-color logo is required. It is also used when fine details have to be printed that cannot be printed by regular silkscreen printing.

Screen printed transfer


Digital transfer: with a plotter the logo is printed digitally on an adhesive plastic which at the same time is cut by digital control. Once the transfer is cut according to the desired shape it is transferred via a heat press. This kind of transfer can suit to most of our textile materials but we do not recommend its use on certain materials as nylons used on umbrellas. Shapes made in different cuts add complexity in the cutting and the peeling processes are on request. Our prices list only includes any kind of basic shapes which can be made in a single cut.

Digital transfer


Digital label: with a plotter the logo is printed digitally on an adhesive paper which at the same time is cut. Once the label is cut according to the desired shape it is applied to the item. Shapes made in different cuts add complexity in the cutting and the peeling processes are on request. Our prices list only includes any kind of basic shapes which can be made in a single cut.

Digital label


Ceramic transfer: a screen-printed transfer is first applied to the ceramic material and then is baked in an oven at a temperature higher than 700°C. During the baking process ceramic’s pores open and the ink is mixed with the ceramic itself. Once the ceramic is cold the ink can’t be removed from the ceramic by any of the conventional uses of the ceramic items.

Ceramic transfer


Embroidery: is a technique where the logo is sewed on the article. Embroidery is used for caps, bags, textiles etc. The pricing of Embroidery depends on the number of stitches and the size of the logo. The color will be defined by the color of the thread. The maximum number of colors of the threads is 15. An Embroidery card needs to be made for reproducing the logo onto the article. Full surface logo’s or logos with gold and silver cord, are more expensive to produce.



Laser engraving: is a method in which the design is burned into the material. The laser beam is controlled digitally by a computer. The color of the engraving is determined by the background material and the layers underneath the surface.

Laser engraving


Embossing: through a relieved stamp the design is being pressed into the product. As a result of the press the design is passed to the material. Embossing can only be used on most real leather materials. It is possible to stamp on certain items films of gold, silver and other color with the use of a stamp containing the desired relieve. Our price list does not contain the additional costs of stamping films.



Doming: is a combination of a printout from a logo on a sticker and a 2 component epoxy resin that is applied to the printout, which gives a nice transparent bubble. The resin is not only crystal clear but also protects the image below against scratches and gives an extra dimension to it. The sticker can be multi-colored. The resin highlights the logo.



Digital printing: is an inkjet printing technique, for flat and 3D shaped items, on nearly all materials. Your logo will be digitally printed directly onto the item in an extreme high quality. The artwork will always be printed in full color and the details can be extremely fine. From simple text to high definition pictures, all is possible. Printing is done with a great accuracy, making it very suitable for multiple color printing. It is also possible to match Pantone colors. Even printing up to the edges of the printing surface is possible, causing the imprint size to be significantly bigger than in pad print. Depending on the material it can be that a white base needs to be printed first or that the material needs to be pre-treated.

Digital printing


Technical details:

  • Printed colors may differ because of the background color of the product.
  • The coated version of the Pantone Color Guide (C) should be used as a color reference.
  • Ink adhesion may not be good on all metal products and Habeco Promotional Gifts cannot be held responsible for Ink adhesion on metal and chrome items, you may also be asked to sign a disclaimer to this effect.
  • After printing, ink on metal items the imprint will fade when in contact with sharp objects or keys (key rings)
  • Color coverage is not 100% on coarser textiles. Transfer printing is then preferred.
  • Rounded products have a limited printable surface.
  • Not all Caps admit printing on front surfaces. Embroidery or transfer printing is a good alternative. We advise you to consult our Customer Care Department on these matters.

Files should be sent in the following formats:

  • Vector EPS, AI, CDR
  • Tiff, JPG: minimum resolution 600 dpi for line work (drawings), and 300 dpi for grey scale and raster work (photos)
  • PDF Format (highest quality) without compression.

We cannot process designs with a resolution of 72 dpi or lower!

Programs to be used:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw

We advise you always to convert the text into outlines. Supply of films or original artwork for photographic reproduction: Hardcopy for photographic reproduction, as large as possible, and of good quality, in black and white on max. A4. When supplying files intended for multi-color precision printing or full color work, please contact the printing department regarding the required technical details. The supply of films only in accordance with the printing department!

General information:

If necessary, Shenzhen Gymtion Industrial Co.,Ltd can pack and ship the printed goods in different quantities and cartons as requested. This goes also for the packing of the items (poly bags). Any complaints must be made within 14 days of the order being received. After this it is not possible to verify the accuracy of a complaint. Shenzhen Gymtion Industrial Co.,Ltd assumes that all supplied artwork is copyright free, and can therefore be used in the form that the files are supplied in.

Nobody wants you to look into her purse. Not that she is covering up anything.
If we’re clear, my bag is actually filled with lipstick, wallet, a bottle of water, iPhone, air pods, hand sanitizer, and some m&m’s candy bags, sometimes I bring my laptop. My handbag possibly nearly equivalent to yours, however it is mine and I don’t need it being seen through by others.

Transparency is bold. Showing the world who you are, and living authentically and in your own way, takes guts. It means you’re at peace with your decisions, so you don’t matter what someone else thinks. But living in a transparent way is not the same as dumping one’s content in a structured saran wrap form.

You have to hide things in order to exist as a grown-up. Maybe you want a new job and don’t want your current boss to know about it, or maybe you can’t stand the person who is eating egg salad next to you on the plane but you still have three hours left on the flight. Some of the things we hide are big and most of it would seem meaningless to anyone else. Transparency depends a great deal on where we are and with whom we are. It may take eons to let our guards down enough for someone to meet the absolute 100 percent of us. Which is fine: We are the sum of our self-curations, and it can be as easy to recognize authenticity.


This is the romanticization of transparency: it’s hardly a real look at someone else’s life. Nobody with a clear bag will dump the regular contents of their purse or lifestyle into a glorified display case that strangers can comb through. Leading with a transparent bag is the same as advertising one’s own commitment to absolute authenticity through social media: a lie. And no matter that lie exists to maintain an aesthetic or to maintain a public version of self, it’s just an adult extension of our high school locker ethos: look at who I am, look at what I like, look at what I think is neat. (And just like me please.) All of which are great reasons for putting forward a specific self, but none of which signifies being completely transparent to anyone. Even if they have a bag which is transparent.

Another avenue of performance is a clear bag, similar to how we choose our outfits to decide who we’ll be for that day. It doesn’t make anyone superior to be forthcoming in a way that makes you comfortable, while being transparent about just how untransparent you are doesn’t make anyone worse.

Am I ready for the world to see my wallet and notice that I carry hand sanitizer because I’m worried about getting infected, understand my penchant for m&m’s? Definitely not. While I may be honest about the boring content of my handbag, I’m the one who gets to decide how to find out about it. But yeah, I am being open, at least.


Using less resources and making less waste is not just something for major corporations and factories to worry about. Every one of us can make a big difference in how we influence the natural world. We can continue to use unnecessarily and generate billions of pounds of waste per year or we can make adjustments and follow a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Plastic bags don’t decompose quickly and lead to environmental degradation. Depending on the climate a plastic bag may take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down. Additionally, the cost of recycling plastic bags outweighs their worth. This is also another reason why most plastic bags find their way to landfill sites.

It’s high time we use alternative sources to reduce the environmental effects of plastic bags. One such move is to completely abandon plastic bags and use reusable bags.

This is an easy way of saving the world that can make it easier for us. Generally, plastic bags are used once and then thrown away which is a waste. We then tear through the entire countryside and fill up landfills, posing a threat to wildlife. It is quick to make the move to reusable shopping bags. Here’s what you need to know about your options to pick the best one for you:



Polyester or synthetic:

these are the most common materials used for recycling bags. Though not biodegradable, they are derived from natural gas or oil.


Laminated bags are made of laminated polypropylene woven, nonwoven laminated polypropylene or recycled laminated PET. They can be quickly sprayed or cleaned off. Some have matte finishes while others are glossier.


Owing to its toughness this is a perfect choice for a shopping bag. Alternatively, the washing machine can be quickly washed by tossing it in. Organic cotton is healthier for the environment but it can be more costly than natural cotton fibre. Recycled cotton is also an alternative made from recycled / reclaimed cotton after-industry.


Hemp is resistant to drought and thrives without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. One acre of hemp yields between 3 and 6 tons of fiber while needing little water to grow. Hemp fiber is thick, durable and long lasting. It is perfect for making reusable organic containers.

Warm tips

It isn’t always an easy transition from using paper and plastic bags to reusable ones. Here are some suggestions for making the transition flow smoother.

Leave the bags in the car, not the room. If you keep the bags in your room, chances are you’re going to forget them. Keep them in your car, so you can run outside even if you forget to take them to the shop. If you don’t have a car then try to put them in your house somewhere obvious.

Make sure that you have bought enough bags. Grocery trips can range from prepping for an entire party to only grabbing one thing at a time. Be well prepared for either.

Wash them regularly. After a few uses, bacteria can build up so try washing bags every other week.


I die for handbags!

No matter how many collections I already have, I spend too much in my handbags. Yet, no one should overlook the fact that women make great use of handbags. After all, except for jeans, we don’t have enough pockets in our outfits like boys do. So, how we’re going to hold our stuff. For example, when we’re wearing a skirt or a dress where we’re going to keep our things. We have plenty to bring, including lipstick.

Here’s what I found after years of owning and disposing of bags. Your everyday bag will depend on the following, so that you can choose a great daily use handbag and help you go anywhere you want to go.

1. Your budget
It stands to reason that I should put the price as the last consideration, but nowadays different from the past, we are all more sensitive to the price now, and we are stretching dollar with some ways to save during this time.
There is a new word – Coronavirus Pandemic, according to a recent study by the National Endowment for Financial Education. Nearly half (48%) of people say they’re concerned about paying their bills (28% for both housing and utility payments).

If you’re concerned about the state of your finances right now, then you’re not alone. The coronavirus pandemic has caused almost 9 out of 10 Americans to feel anxious about money.


2. Your desirable size
You have to really think about how large a bag you need, and if it really suits you. If you are small or petite, your personality may be blurred by carrying such a large handbag. Here’s another tip: the section where the bottom of your bag is highlighted; so if you have tiny buttocks, make a mark at the top of your thigh. When this is not the case otherwise the stopping point is the waistline.


3. Your lifestyle
Do you go to school? To work? Generally speaking, if you are a student, maybe you are suitable for a backpack or a canvas bag, if you work at a corporate office, you will need to tailor your bag choice to your professional outfit, what’s more, you probably need to invest in a sturdy bag that would hold both your laptop, paper work and personal items.


4. Your material preference
Handbags should be durable. We should notice the materials of the bags are made of. Do you want toughly formed bags? Packs of leather or slouchy bags? Consider what it would be like if you are going to wear it every day.

Your handbags should be a thing of beauty and a source of joy for you. Find the right handbag for you. Any strap length, small or big, leather or denim, solid or printed colors, trend-setting or traditional, there’s always at least one great designer brand and bag style out there for everyone.


Your daily carry (commonly configured as EDC) is the regular selection of items that you carry with you in your pockets or bag.

They’re the things you tap your pockets for before heading out of the house, the things you’re feeling vulnerable without, and the things you’d throw off your whole day if you had to do without them. They are especially important, and not only monetarily or sentimentally. Your everyday carry is made up of things you think are truly important.

And that means items like chewed gum, used tissue, crumpled tickets, etc. and other disposables may live in your pocket (hopefully not for too long), but they don’t count as part of your regular carry. Mainstays in your carry will bear those characteristics that are compatible with a few different standards of daily life.

The theory of daily carry is based on the principles of usefulness and preparedness. — Feature of your EDC should serve a purpose or at least have one specific, useful function.

Your EDC essentials ready you for the worst every day and inspire you to do your very best. Today I want to share you what are the foremost most necessary things should be in your everyday bags.

Hand sanitizer

Just think about all the germs you could come into contact with in a day, whether they’re hiding on handrails for public transport, a doorknob for the bathroom or your phone’s screen. Hand sanitizer should not be a substitute for washing your hand, but when you can’t get to a bathroom right away, it is nice to have it.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that the best way to prevent the spread of infections and decrease the risk of getting sick is by washing your hands with plain soap and water. It is important to wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after coughing, sneezing or blowing one’s nose. If soap and water are not available, using a hand sanitizer based on alcohol that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.

Smart phones

There is no doubt that new smartphones are allowing us to do more than ever. No other tool can suit a smartphone’s features and sheer flexibility, and yet fit your hand palm. The smartphones raising the need for many people to hold a camera, watch, pen and paper, torch, and wallet, with achievements in hardware alone.


The wallet itself may not be as valuable as what is inside it, but it serves a vital function to protect from harm and loss these precious properties. Wallets keep our cards, IDs, cash, and other paper documents secure and near at hand.


Keys let us go to the places and protect what belongs to us. Keychains deserve a place in your EDC because they are easy to use and hold your keys together. Yeah, they can be noisy, clunky, and hard to handle, but most of us just can’t live without them.

Not enough! You definitely need more than that.

Everyday Carry is about designing a system that will suit your needs. Just like no two individuals are exactly alike, there will be major differences in their respective bags. Acquire and bring what you need, based on your lifestyle, place, occupation, daily routine, style, budget, etc.

Your carrying should be secure and practical in general but most importantly personal. You may be a heart-felt minimalist, or you’d have peace of mind ensuring all your bases are covered. If your bag is an extension of you, then you should be happy with it!

Above items are the most important things I listed, if you have any better things, you can tell us in the comments below.

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