Looking for new ways to plan an effective trade show event?  Being more creative will help your business stand out from the competition – and eventually generate leads for your business.

There’s no doubt that giveaways are probably the number one thing visitors look forward to receiving when stopping by different booths. But what if we told you there are other ways to use promotional products besides the traditional handouts?

Here are five ideas for planning your next promo event.

Spin and win

Setting up a game show wheel will not only entertain prospects, but also attract the masses to your booth. Get creative by offering a variety of prizes, from promotional pens and bags to jackets and briefcases.

Pick a number

How to use promotional products at trade shows

Another great strategy for drawing people to your booth is to offer a fishbowl raffle. It’ll give them something fun and interactive to do while showcasing your promotional swag.

Fill out a questionnaire

Surveys are an excellent way to gather information from visitors for future correspondence. So why not take this opportunity to offer them a chance to win prizes by filling out a survey? Plus, it helps show them that you value their opinion.

Set up a charging station

Charging station at trade shows

Now, this might sound out of the ordinary, but recently mobile/smartphone charging stations have started to appear at trade show booths. Some attendees might leave the trade show without a giveaway, but they”ll definitely stop by to use your promotional products (such as charging cables, phone stands, stylus pens etc.) to charge their smartphones or devices. This is great for brand awareness and creating a positive perception of your business.

Use social media

Social media contest at trade show

Engage your fans and followers on social media to bring in new customers. Organize contests where people are asked to share and comment on a post in order to win a promotional product. Create a unique hashtag for your event to easily pick winners and get your business seen.

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